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Album of Brian Menzies

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  John Alexander Roddie Macpherson 
  In loving memory/of/JOHN ALEXANDER AIRD/who died 21st March 1947/aged 58 years/beloved hus...

  Hector & Annie (Aird) Roddie Macpherson 

Erected by the family/in loving memory/of/our dear father and mother/HECTOR MENZIES/die...

  Donald & Isabella (Menzies) Moir & Roddie Macpherson 

In loving memory/of our parents/DONALD MOIR/died Dec. 1949/ISABELLA MENZIES/died Dec...

  Christina (Menzies) & John Ross, Donald & Christ'aby Roddie Macpherson 
  Erected/by/JOHN ROSS/in loving remembrance/of his wife/CHRISTINA MENZIES/who died at Fearn...

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