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Album of Ruth Urquhart

My family

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  Alexander & Jessie (Ross) Urquhart & Roddie Macpherson 
  In/memory of/our parents/ALEXANDER URQUHART/died 27th April 1943/JESSIE ROSS/died 15th Apr...

  Annie (Ross) Urquhart, s. Roddie Macpherson 

In/loving/memory of/ANNIE ROSS/died 14th March 1974/beloved wife of/DONALD M. URQUHA...

  Barbara (Urquhart) & John Roddie Macpherson 
  In loving memory/of/BARBARA MACKAY URQUHART/died 23rd September 1967/a dear mother/and bel...

  Christopher Ross Roddie Macpherson 

NB. The post-1979 death has been 'painted out' on the image.

In l...

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