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Album of Ronald Dingwall

I would like any information on my Grandfather Donald Dingwall and his children, brothers, sisters, etc.
Thank you

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  John, Jane & William Roddie Macpherson 
  Erected/by/DONALD DINGWALL/farmer, Culbokie/in memory of/his son/JOHN/who died 4 March 192...

  Donald & Jane (MacIver) Roddie Macpherson 

In/loving memory/of/DONALD DINGWALL/merchant & farmer/who died at/Culbokie East,...

  Roseann Dingwall. Andrew Roddie Macpherson 
  Erected [...]GWALL/in memory of/[..?] beloved wife/12 August [../] aged 60 years/{..]ected...

  James & Janetta (Bethune) Roddie Macpherson 

Erected to the memory/of/JAMES DINGWALL/"Cuidrach", Culbokie/a dearly loved h...

  Hugh & Christina (Gordon) Roddie Macpherson 

In loving memory of/my beloved husband/HUGH DINGWALL/died at Culbokie East/in 4th May 1...

  Colin & Marion (Maclean) Roddie Macpherson 

In/loving memory/of/our dear father/COLIN DINGWALL/died at Ivybank/Culbokie/19th Februa...

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