Ross & Cromarty Roots
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Album of D Cruickshank

Interested in the Ross family of Brea Findon, Ross and Cromarty.

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  Jessie Ellison, Alex., Jessie, Ronald Roddie Macpherson 

Erected/by/JOHN ROSS/in loving memory of/the departed/JESSIE ELLISON/who died in Braefi...

  John & Mary (Mackenzie) Roddie Macpherson 

Erected/by/ANGUS ROSS/merchant, Inverness/in affectionate/remembrance/of his parents/JO...

  Duncan & Jane (Archie) Ellison, Duncan,Colin,Jamieby Roddie Macpherson 

Erected/by/JESSIE & JANE ELLISON/in loving memory of their mother/JANE ARCHIE ELLIS...

  John & Ann (Cameron) Roddie Macpherson 

In/memory of/JOHN CROSS/Brae Findon/elder in the Free Church/Ferintosh/a man of sincere...

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